The Voice premieres tonight with thrilling performance of Tamara Jade

The Voice premieres tonight with thrilling performance of Tamara Jade

The singing competition show, the voice is set to premiere soon, as a snippet of a sneak peek into what would be happening this season seems to have leaked. Being around for some time now, the sing-off competition show which started airing back in 2011 usually works with popular musicians being the judges on the show. In the sneak peek John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Steffani, and Blake Shelton as the four-chair turnover judges on the show. Due to the conditions at hand with the changes in society, the audience this season will be virtual and the four judges would be adhering to safety protocols. Coaches have their backs to the contestants so, they are not judged by looks.

The video snippet shows an amazing

The video snippet shows an amazing talent Tamara Jade, who had a four-chair turnover from the judges. Now to the rules of the show, a judge will only turnover if he happens to find your voice appealing. All the judges turning over is a big deal because it signifies an all-yes vote. Tamara Jade sings one of Lizzo’s songs and the adjudicators seem to be fascinated by her style and voice. She leaves them fighting over who should have her on the team. Clarkson told her how much she loved her performance, using the avenue to persuade her in joining her team. Shelton also seems to her to be on his team as well.

The Voice premieres tonight with thrilling performance of Tamara Jade

Whoever Jade decides to go with will only be known for sure tonight on NBC. Some articles are already debating on whom they believe would be best to coach her, and we can’t wait for her choice. The season would be the 19th season, ever since the Voice started airing. Many music stars are produced from the show. Musical sensations such as Javier Colon, Jermaine Paul, Cassadee Pope, among many others have all featured in previous seasons of the voice. Talented people willing to take their careers to the next level will find the avenue a helpful one.

Tonight show is set to be an extraordinary one and fans are waiting in anticipation for it. A new feature has been added that is cold the block, which gives the opportunity of preventing a coach from adding a contestant they prefer on their team. This will definitely set a new thrill to the show, with other features that the producers have promised will be added on, in this new season. In all this year’s voice is to be very much anticipated.

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