The Line Between Music and Song

The Line Between Music and Song

Humans are emotional beings, their emotions are affected by how situations make them feel. Death of a loved one creates sorrowful moods leading to sadness and emotions of unhappiness. Similarly, receiving good news about a job application request getting approved or passing of an examination produces happy feelings. Art has been used to express how the artist feels about something through ways such as songs and music. Listening to these compositions makes the human brain relax or remind us about a certain person or place. These two works are meant for entertainment, although there are few differences between them.

Music may be defined as the melody that is produced when a musical instrument is played. Depending on structural composition, music may fall into distinct categories: reggae, hip hop, rock or pop. There are a variety of musical instruments that are used to make music. Some like the trumpet use air while others like guitar or a violin use strings. To improve the quality, other accompaniments may be used, the whistle is a good example. Notes are used to write tunes, in total, there are seven notes A, B, C, D, E, F and G. In some schools, music is taught as a subject where students write exams to ascertain their grip of the syllabus.

In case the music has words,

There is a big relationship between melodies the brain hears and the emotional hormones it releases. In the film industry, instruments are used at certain paces and rhythms to create the intended mood of the scene. For romantic situations, the piano will be played at a slow soothing pace to create an environment of love. Similarly, in the case of horrific scenes, drums are employed in ways to create the feeling of suspense. In mental hospitals, music therapy is used to relax and calm the souls of the tormented. Hospices too use music to communicate to the souls of people who are in a coma.

In case the music has words, the composed set of poetry is referred to as lyrics. The composer records the lyrics with music as the background melody and stores it in hard drives, flash disks or memory cards. Many artists write under inspiration then look for the perfect beat to suit the lyrics. Today, most recordings are done in the studio because technology has enabled for computer soft-wares that create the desired melody.

Through singing, praises, thanksgiving and supplications

A song is a poetic composition that is intended to be sang by a person or a group of people. Variations in pitch, tone, pace as well as pauses are employed to produce the desired outcome. Books of compositions from different authors are available in bookshops and libraries. The contents are sacred compositions sang by people who share common beliefs. They are used to strengthen the religious beliefs of people or for preservation of a community’s culture. There are songs for most occasions, weddings, funerals, birthdays as well as for initiation. Religious ones are sang during worship events where the names of deities are repeatedly mentioned.

Through singing, praises, thanksgiving and supplications are made because performances are communication channels to deities. At birthday parties, it is easy to guess what is sang because there is a familiar tune that is commonly used. A lullaby is an easy way to sooth a baby to sleep, depending on where one was raised, every community has a lullaby in its language.

The Line Between Music and Song

Among the symbols of national unity is a song termed as the national anthem. By singing this composition, every word reminds citizens of the need for unity as a country. National anthems are taught in schools at elementary levels to make sure that the words in the national anthem are deeply rooted in the hearts of every citizen. Apart from countries, schools and institutions also have anthems to help them bond. When they sing together, they create a sense of togetherness that helps to build identity. Most anthems are not very lengthy, they take about one minute to sing.

Even without musical instruments, songs can still be performed, whereas music basically depends on the melody from instrumentation. This is the distinct difference between these two works of art, songs use pauses and chants to sound musical. The musical pieces performed in churches by choirs fall in the category of songs.

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