Five Top Music Bands

Five Top Music Bands

There are thousands of music bands worldwide, according to a survey that was published on a couple of years ago. It is from this that it’s more difficult to identify one best band of all time. That being said, it’s important to look at the top five bands. Even though everything is opinion-based, it was compiled by looking at several metrics such as volume of sales, the number of tours, and the total number of awards won. Not only that, the ranking will bring together both past and current bands.

Topping the list is the Beatles

Topping the list is the Beatles that hold a record of having the best sales of all time. A survey that was published on Static Billboard shows that this band made more than 279 million sales just ten years into music. The Beatles are forces behind a sudden rise of pop and rock worldwide, having joined entertainment at a tender age. Apart from being incredible in entertainment, members of the Beatles extended their influence in movies producing couples of movies. The band was excellent in all aspects, ranging from songwriting to live performance. A pop plus rock appeal is what shocked fans, and today, the Beatles still hold a record of the best band. More than five decades after unceremonious breakups, this band has continued to record massive sales.

The Eagles, which is the second

The Eagles, which is the second on the chart, SOLD more than 149 million RECORDS for about nine years that it was in entertainment. Ideally, members of Eagles also produced single hits that performed credibly well. Essentially, it made a greater impact in RNB, soul, bluegrass, and rock as well. When it comes to a band that has remained true to its course, then the Rolling Stones cannot miss. It started its career nearly six decades ago, and today, its members are described as a forefront of music Invasion in British. Identically, this band boasts hundreds of millions of sales that have helped it to earn substantive income. The achievement of this band is attributed to its members sticking to popular genres such as RNB, soul, and not mention rock.

Five Top Music Bands

More simply, the influence of the Rolling Stones can be felt today, having survived feuds that have broken up hundreds of bands. A discussion about an outstanding band in the 21st century cannot be concluded without BTS popping up. The Korean band was ranked second in 2020 according to the Static Billboard platform. Their album, the Map of a Soul: 7, was the bestselling album in the United States, with over 500000 records sold in the same period. Different from other bands, U2 was formed by a group of secondary schools in Dublin. The group attained global recognition when they released their fifth albums. Identically, this band boasts 22 Grammy Awards, the highest to be won by a single band.

Believe it or not, they are perfect experimenters, one thing that has put them on top of entertainment. Their deal with Apple saw every Apple subscriber downloading their album at least once. Despite massive media negativities that they received during their reign, the Beach Boys are still the finest band worldwide. Having started as a local band in the outskirts of California, the Beach Boys gained momentum, becoming one celebrated band in entertainment. If you’re looking for bands that found success before a much-hyped British Invasion, then the Beach Boys cannot miss your list. Unlike other bands, its members were spiritual, and their voices say it all.

It may not hold the first spot, but Pink Floyd is the best band globally. Pink Floyd produced four albums that topped billboard charts not only in the US but also in Britain. Consequently, each member of Pink Floyd released several singles; unfortunately, only two made it to the top charts in two countries. For over 60 years, Pink Floyd was active, it released over 15 albums and sold over 121 million records. The Wall plus the Dark Side of the Moon are among the bestselling albums in music history.

The Zeppelin was renowned for applying diversification to attract a wide appeal. Various music genres that the band played include blues and, to say, nothing of heavy metal. Some of the biggest hits it managed to release range from Stairway to Heaven. If you have any contributions that will enrich this list, you are welcome.

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