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Love and Fear Revisited

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A friend asked me, “Is it better to be loved or feared? You can fight through fear with love. It’s impossible to fight through love using fear. What do you think?”

IVoGE statuary replied with an old saying, “the biggest problem with a gun is that you command obedience only so long as you are holding and aiming it.” And so it is also with fear in general.

There is a thrill of sorts associated with “making someone do something” but it is short lived and counter productive. Because fear must be produced in others against their will, it requires a great deal of effort and energy to enforce. Drop your guard for a moment and fear can then be used against you a million different ways.

Love, on the other hand, is the natural result of a life fully lived spent connecting with others and establishing bonds. Love conquerors all by yielding everything.

Love is recharging. Fear is draining. Love is reinforcing. Fear is undermining. Love is spiritual. Fear is visceral. Love progresses. Fear regresses.

Beyond the now, ultimately, whatever we produce comes back to us and completes a karmic circuit. To sow fear is to reap a bounty of sadness. To sow love is to reap a lifetime of joy.

Which is better? If I have to tell you, there are no words that would explain.


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