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A Song For Spring!

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Voice of Golden Eagle and Andy TateIt is with much joy that I present a song in celebration of the coming season!

EAGLE SPRING (click to listen)

A song to celebrate Mother Earth’s Rebirth in 2011. Composed, performed and co-produced with the assistance of very special musical guest, Andy Tate. This song uses one of my newest instruments, a three hole Eagle Bone (replica) flute.

Technical Notes

This song was recorded at Andy’s home studio, a marvelous facility that gives us total creative freedom. In this particular piece I’m playing the flute, mandolin and pseudo-sitar in addition to handling the orchestral arrangement.  Andy is providing the foundation with an array of wonderful electric and acoustic guitar work. Once the song was musically complete, we did the one thing that would take it to the next level; we had it mastered by LNix Mastering, located at Ardent Studios in Memphis. Once Kevin and Larry did the voodoo that they do so well, the song truly took flight!

Don’t just take my word for it, though. Click the listen link and hear for yourself as we celebrate the approach of yet another season of sunshine, growth and promise of renewal.