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Just Because

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Just Because

Just because my understanding may be different
from yours, do not assume I have NO understanding.

We just come from different experiences.

Just because my vision is different from yours,
do not assume I am blind.

We just see things differently.

Just because you disagree with my words,
do not assume you are the only “good person”
in the conversation.

That is called prejudice. The mother of hatred.

– VoGE 2002

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Water Bugs into Dragonflies

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I couldn’t resist sharing this wonderful story.

I hope you enjoy it too!


Living under the water in a lily pond were a colony of water bugs. They were great friends and all lived happily together but, every so often, one of them would attach itself to a lily stalk and make its way up into the sunlight, never to be seen again.

One water bug in conversation with the others said he had noticed this and had often wondered why this happened and what was on the other side of the water and more importantly , why none of the others had returned to explain. All the bugs made a promise that if they were to go up a stalk they would come back and tell what they had seen.

Well, one day, the very bug who had made the suggestion found himself stuck on a stalk. He made his way up and through the water to the surface, breaking through he found himself on a huge lily pad. Things had changed dramatically – he was now breathing air and he’d gotten wings! Suddenly he took off in a flash , soaring through the air. It was glorious!

Just then he remembered his promise, “I must go back and tell the others” he thought. So with that in mind he flew down to the water’s surface, but much to his surprise he couldn’t get through to his friends below.

After several attempts he decided to abandon that idea hoping that all his friends would know he tried to keep his promise. He flew off into the sun knowing that they would all meet again, someday, when they were dragonflies too.