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Responding to a Racist Rant . . .

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VoGE and Carla Thomas at the Overton Park Shell

VoGE and Carla Thomas at the Overton Park Shell

Some things you can’t ignore

I don’t usually respond to hateful words, but I found a bigoted rant in my email that was so blunt and venomous that I decided to dissect the message in order to see what made the writer tick.

I found no surprises. The ravings of the author (printed in red, below) represent typical examples of the same type of prejudice that I grew up with in the south. That’s when I decided to respond to their message point by point, if only to settle the faint ghostly echoes from a southern past hiding away in my own subconscious.

I apologize in advance if I am too long winded in my responses, but truth needs a strong foundation if it is to have any lasting impact. That said, let us begin.

The rant starts off with the statement:

Well, I am not and, most likely, neither is the author. As Americans, most “whites” are a mixture of races that have been going to bed together for over 500 years, and that’s not counting all the European hanky-panky that went on before that.

> I have been wondering about why Whites are racists,
> and no other race is.

That’s not a true statement. Racial intolerance is at the root of many of the world’s biggest problems and its standard bearers come from many cultures and races. The key is that they are all TAUGHT to hate by their elders. Cultures, like children, learn by example.

> There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian
> Americans, Arab Americans, etc. And then there are
> just Ameri- cans.

Actually, your parents and/or grandparents probably affiliated strongly with their country of origin, even if you don’t. They most likely lived in a part of town where others of their culture also resided, especially if they were immigrants.

The fact that you are rootless and a generation removed from any knowledge of your own traditions does not put you in a superior position. It just makes you ignorant.

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