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Feb – "The Epitaph"

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Found the following item in my web browsing the other day…

March 10 & 11

2Day WebCast Auction

MP3.COM, Inc.

Office, Furniture, Tech

By Order of Vivendi Universal Net USA Group, Inc.

In The Matter of MP3.COM Inc.

Complete Liquidation of 100,000 sq ft Corporate facility:

100s of Servers from Sun, Compaq, HP, & Dell, Clarion EMC Storage Arrays Networking from Cisco, Extreme, Foundry, etc. 100s of PCs, Notebooks, Printers, Monitors, Copiers, Fax Machines, etc. Digital Audio & Video Production and Editing Equipment LCD Projectors, Conference room suites 100s of Herman Miller Aeron Chairs Complete 10,000 sq ft health club Game Room including Pool Table, Foosball, Video Arcade Games, Ping Pong, Etc. Artwork, Collectable Musical instruments, Contemporary Furniture.

And if you’ve been looking for a Hummer with 7 (yes, 7) TVs they may have a perfect deal for you! Or you could bid on the custom Harley Fat Boy (insert your own joke here).

Editorial comments

There are far too many examples of corporate excess in those auction pics. And that is just the tiny tip of the iceberg. We’ll never know how many frivolous business trips and parties went down… How many perks were bought on company expense accounts… How much money was wasted on appearances and experiments instead of being invested back into in the core business.

And then there’s their biggest wasteful excess of all… In my opinion, what Michael Robertson (the founder) did to with his bad business decisions should have negated his receiving so much as a cent from them when he left. He should also have been held personally liable for at least a portion of the fines imposed upon the company by the courts. The litigation was a direct result of HIS decisions, made against the legal advice he had at the time, and it was ultimately the killing blow that lead to’s spiraling downfall.

It’s amazing to me that he’s always touted in the press as being the “founder of” with no mention of his also being its chief executioner. The man who poisoned his own well. The visionary who went blind.

When I think of what might have been, I know that Karma has placed an especially heavy weight on Mr. Robertson.

To me, the saddest pictures on that auction site were those stacks of PCs that once ruled the world of online indie music now sitting idle in saran wrap.

Ahh, well… Soon the auction buzzards will have the carcass picked clean and we can finally close the epilog and write the epitaph:

“Here lies… As usual.” Read the rest of this entry »


An email to share…

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From the VoGE mailbag:
Here’s an email I recently received that I wanted to
share. My spirit cannot express how deeply touched I
was by its message. This is one of those moments
that makes all the work so very worthwhile.

Subject: Lost heritage
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 01:51:34 -0500 (EST)

Long was my heritage denied me, my family never speaking of it, not even to deny it. Long did I feel the truth, when my soul quivered at pow wows and my feet refused to be still; when 15 years ago, I moved to this house guarded by the Redtail hawk I have named Senator Redtail, who each evening sits with his mate at the top of the highline tower at the edge of our yard and calls down to me as I do my nightly chores. He knows they will always be safe here.

Long have I sought it, and at last, I learned the truth. Your music stirs it and makes it complete. I am Cherokee. I am whole.

(Name witheld to protect privacy)

WADO Creator for allowing me to help spread a bit
of light in a world with too many shadows!

ste yu-a le-u wo du hi (Be strong and beautiful)

…Voice of Golden Eagle