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Photography by VoGEI had a wonderful conversation with a young lady who manages one of my favorite local restaurants.  Through our frequent patronage she has come to know my family. During our chat she mentioned that she was impressed with my children (two sons, 18 & 20), especially by their maturity and intelligence. I, of course, thought her to be an excellent judge of character.

She then told me a bit about her own children, two young boys just beyond toddler-hood, and said that she would be appreciative of any advice I had about raising them properly. We swapped a few parenting stories and did a good job of making each other smile. Then, as I was leaving, I turned around with sudden inspiration and gave her the one piece of universal advice I had. Something that applies to virtually all challenges we encounter in this life. It is short and to the point:

Every situation is different, but if you always act from your heart
the worst you can be is wrong for the right reasons

There it is, so simple and yet so all encompassing. This one concept is a major key to life itself and how to live it fully, regardless of your belief system (or the lack of one). What it is not, is an excuse to be impulsive, self centered and Hedonistic. Quite the contrary. The heart is the mind’s most invaluable tool when we get into the habit of listening to it.

If one truly uses their heart as a compass most of life’s confusion falls away. It simplifies your situation, clarifies your mind and reveals what’s really important for the development of your Spirit. And best of all, it actually can banish worry and doubt, because the heart is the portal through which we connect to something that is greater than ourselves. It does not matter what you conceptualize that “something greater” to be, but it is vital to your own growth that you connect with it.

Isn’t it amazing that one casual conversation can reveal an insight that guides you for a lifetime?!  That’s how life works IF YOU ARE LISTENING.


May all the best of this holiday season be yours!

My gift for you this season comes in two flavors. The first is a music video that tells an Austrian fable regarding the origin of the Christmas Candle. It’s a wonderful, heartwarming tale that I first shared with as part of a Christmas special in 2001, and now here it is again for you today.

The second gift is an MP3 file of the music I did for the above video. A Native Flute version of Silent Night.

Voice of Golden Eagle – SILENT NIGHT
(click here to listen) (right-click here to Save As)

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them for you. May the best and brightest of EVERY season be yours to behold.




Water Bugs into Dragonflies

   Posted by: VoGE

I couldn’t resist sharing this wonderful story.

I hope you enjoy it too!


Living under the water in a lily pond were a colony of water bugs. They were great friends and all lived happily together but, every so often, one of them would attach itself to a lily stalk and make its way up into the sunlight, never to be seen again.

One water bug in conversation with the others said he had noticed this and had often wondered why this happened and what was on the other side of the water and more importantly , why none of the others had returned to explain. All the bugs made a promise that if they were to go up a stalk they would come back and tell what they had seen.

Well, one day, the very bug who had made the suggestion found himself stuck on a stalk. He made his way up and through the water to the surface, breaking through he found himself on a huge lily pad. Things had changed dramatically – he was now breathing air and he’d gotten wings! Suddenly he took off in a flash , soaring through the air. It was glorious!

Just then he remembered his promise, “I must go back and tell the others” he thought. So with that in mind he flew down to the water’s surface, but much to his surprise he couldn’t get through to his friends below.

After several attempts he decided to abandon that idea hoping that all his friends would know he tried to keep his promise. He flew off into the sun knowing that they would all meet again, someday, when they were dragonflies too.


I Have Two Sons

   Posted by: VoGE

My Two SonsI have two sons, both of them fine young men in their late teens. I have many reasons to be proud of them both. They are warriors at heart with strong minds, bodies, and spirits. The blood of their heritage burns brightly in them both. They have excellent minds with scholarship opportunities and grade point averages to prove it. All these things in common, yet, they could not be more different one from the other.

Both of them strong willed with a determination to prove the truth as they know it, but with vastly different ways of expressing it between them. While the younger has always considered the “sage advice” of his wise old father when life requires reflection, his older brother pretty much considers the old man’s words to be universally outdated and irrelevant to this “new world” in which we find ourselves.

Yet, despite all these variances in approach, they are both so much like me in so many ways that it amazes (and frightens) their mother on a frequent basis. I have always considered my children to be unique spirits (in the words of Kahlil Gibran, “Your children come through you, not from you.”), and I have never desired making them over in my own image.  That’s a good thing too, because these two young bucks have had their very own – very strong – personalities since their first breath! I know. I was there.

These images of their childhood come flooding in at me this dawn as I adjust to the new reality that our family has begun with a startling suddenness. Last night, about Midnight, the elder son packed a backpack and left into the night without a word…

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