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Love and Fear Revisited

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A friend asked me, “Is it better to be loved or feared? You can fight through fear with love. It’s impossible to fight through love using fear. What do you think?”

IVoGE statuary replied with an old saying, “the biggest problem with a gun is that you command obedience only so long as you are holding and aiming it.” And so it is also with fear in general.

There is a thrill of sorts associated with “making someone do something” but it is short lived and counter productive. Because fear must be produced in others against their will, it requires a great deal of effort and energy to enforce. Drop your guard for a moment and fear can then be used against you a million different ways.

Love, on the other hand, is the natural result of a life fully lived spent connecting with others and establishing bonds. Love conquerors all by yielding everything.

Love is recharging. Fear is draining. Love is reinforcing. Fear is undermining. Love is spiritual. Fear is visceral. Love progresses. Fear regresses.

Beyond the now, ultimately, whatever we produce comes back to us and completes a karmic circuit. To sow fear is to reap a bounty of sadness. To sow love is to reap a lifetime of joy.

Which is better? If I have to tell you, there are no words that would explain.


Photography by VoGEI had a wonderful conversation with a young lady who manages one of my favorite local restaurants.  Through our frequent patronage she has come to know my family. During our chat she mentioned that she was impressed with my children (two sons, 18 & 20), especially by their maturity and intelligence. I, of course, thought her to be an excellent judge of character.

She then told me a bit about her own children, two young boys just beyond toddler-hood, and said that she would be appreciative of any advice I had about raising them properly. We swapped a few parenting stories and did a good job of making each other smile. Then, as I was leaving, I turned around with sudden inspiration and gave her the one piece of universal advice I had. Something that applies to virtually all challenges we encounter in this life. It is short and to the point:

Every situation is different, but if you always act from your heart
the worst you can be is wrong for the right reasons

There it is, so simple and yet so all encompassing. This one concept is a major key to life itself and how to live it fully, regardless of your belief system (or the lack of one). What it is not, is an excuse to be impulsive, self centered and Hedonistic. Quite the contrary. The heart is the mind’s most invaluable tool when we get into the habit of listening to it.

If one truly uses their heart as a compass most of life’s confusion falls away. It simplifies your situation, clarifies your mind and reveals what’s really important for the development of your Spirit. And best of all, it actually can banish worry and doubt, because the heart is the portal through which we connect to something that is greater than ourselves. It does not matter what you conceptualize that “something greater” to be, but it is vital to your own growth that you connect with it.

Isn’t it amazing that one casual conversation can reveal an insight that guides you for a lifetime?!  That’s how life works IF YOU ARE LISTENING.



Conversation with a friend

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I had a conversation with an old and dear friend the other day. His heart was troubled by the world he saw around him. His faith gave him a type of strength, but it also robbed him of hope. He had been sold “Heaven in the sky” and was convinced that everything about this world was evil and corrupt.

My heart ached for him as I realized how little he knew of Grandmother Earth and Her wonders.

A family man, honest and caring about others, he was haunted by the terrible visions that filled his eyes and his TV set… The cruel deeds of his fellow men… The harsh realities of a world unbalanced. As his words unfolded I saw creases of pain that had been etched into his heart by negative experiences.

I shared his concerns, but not his anxiety and depression, for in my view, this is supposed to be a place of transition and change… An opportunity to grow as spiritual beings! It is only thru heat that steel can become tempered and strong. This world is a spiritual proving ground filled with the seeds of both Hell and Heaven. It is for each of us to decide which will flourish and grow in our own heart.

I tried to convey to my friend the wondrous visions Grandmother Earth bestows on those who will simply look… The nurturing of Spring babies, winged, furred, scaled, and naked… The gathering of the rainbow across the land as bare branches burst into celebration… The awesome spectacle of Sunrise, bringing with it another day full of possibilities yet undiscovered… But, his mind was closed to these wonders and they brought him little joy. Like a man riding backwards on a horse, he saw only the rutted, crapped-on path behind him.

He clung to his holy book like a shield against all pain. But in the process he also blocked out Creator’s healing Light!

I left my friend knowing that I had not reached him. His faint parting smile told me he thought me some opto-mystic fool with my head in the clouds. As I contemplated all we had shared with each other, a prayer for us both echoed through my spirit…

“Creator, open our hearts that we may feel… The possibilities in every moment… The miraculous in the commonplace. Creator, open our eyes that we may see… Beyond our pain… Beyond our perspective… Beyond the horizon. And let us always be open to the blessings you bestow upon us EVERY step of the way!”



An email to share…

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From the VoGE mailbag:
Here’s an email I recently received that I wanted to
share. My spirit cannot express how deeply touched I
was by its message. This is one of those moments
that makes all the work so very worthwhile.

Subject: Lost heritage
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 01:51:34 -0500 (EST)

Long was my heritage denied me, my family never speaking of it, not even to deny it. Long did I feel the truth, when my soul quivered at pow wows and my feet refused to be still; when 15 years ago, I moved to this house guarded by the Redtail hawk I have named Senator Redtail, who each evening sits with his mate at the top of the highline tower at the edge of our yard and calls down to me as I do my nightly chores. He knows they will always be safe here.

Long have I sought it, and at last, I learned the truth. Your music stirs it and makes it complete. I am Cherokee. I am whole.

(Name witheld to protect privacy)

WADO Creator for allowing me to help spread a bit
of light in a world with too many shadows!

ste yu-a le-u wo du hi (Be strong and beautiful)

…Voice of Golden Eagle


VoGE Newsletter #1 – Holiday Thoughts

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O’siyo friends and family…
Happy holidays to you-n-yours! Here it comes ready or not… That time of year some dread, others eagerly anticipate, and the rest of us just accept till Spring. This Winter season has brought many changes for Voice of Golden Eagle music and I’d like to share a few of them with you including this, the very first edition of the VoGE Newsletter online!

As I’m sure most of you are already aware,, the world’s first and biggest online site for independent music, closed its doors in early December. It’s been purchased by and they promise to reopen the domain in early 2004, but there’s no doubt about it… as we knew it is gone forever.
There is a certain sadness surrounding this passing for all who shared the dream for independent music that was In my own case, they were incredible for getting the message out about VoGE music. In the two and a half years I had an artist site there, the music had over 440,000 listens and many hundreds of CDs were sold to people all over the world. It also led me to some wonderful Net based musical collaborations I will cherish forever.
It is said that all good things must come to an end and is no exception, but let me assure you that this is just the beginning of a new chapter for VoGE music!

* The VoGE recording facility is undergoing many new renovations

and upgrades.
* Plans are underway for new VoGE albums, including one to be

digitally recorded within a huge cave in the Arkansas Ozarks!
Read all about it, here in the VoGE Newsletter…

Most important to remember, the URL will always take you to VoGE music online.

Please check it out occasionally as it will become an outlet for more and more VoGE arts-n-crafts as time goes by. The direct link to the store is:

Voice of Golden Eagle’s Roadside Stand
Like getting special discounts? So do I… The nice folks at CafeShops have given me a “virtual coupon” I can offer you that’s good thru December 19th, 2003. Just put SNOWFLAKES in the Coupon Code field of your order form and receive $4.00 off any purchase of $40 or more.

Many great things are happening with the music!
NEW RECORDING PROJECT – I am contacting the National park Service about the possibility of using the Blanchard Springs Caverns as a location to do a digital recording. This incredible cave in the Arkansas Ozarks has some of the most amazing natural acoustics I’ve ever heard! I have dreamed for years of doing a Native Flute recording there and hope to soon make it a reality. I’ll keep a journal of the recording session and share it in a future newsletter.
NEW PRODUCTION FACILITY – Meanwhile, back at VoGE Central, I have spent most of the last month totally revamping my tiny recording studio. In addition to a major computer upgrade, I have moved the facility to a much larger area all of which will help the creative process tremendously once I get past the tedium of setting it all up. The new computer system gives me the horsepower I need to expand into professional multimedia production, so stay tuned for some home grown music videos coming in the near future!
OTHER FUTURE OFFERINGS will include streaming VoGE videos online (here’s a pre-upgrade preview) and more VoGE visual art available via the Web. I’ll post updates as these become available.

IN CLOSING: Holiday thoughts from Voice of Golden Eagle

As we enter the heart of this Winter season, people

of many faiths celebrate in various ways according

to their own traditions. But all have one thing in

common. The ceremonies are reminders that in the

midst of icy storms both physical and spiritual,

Spring will come again giving birth to our renewed
hopes and dreams.

In all cultures throughout the world Winter has

traditionally been a time of gathering by the family

fire, telling stories, and sharing wisdom. A period

of reflection, meditation, and celebration of the

seasons past and the seasons to come. A time of

Regardless of how you choose to observe this very

special time, I hope your holidays are filled with
love, peace and happiness.

Witsatologi nihi (Many Blessings To You!)

…Voice of Golden Eagle and family