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Sometimes magic happens… Without planning or forethought, a normal day can transform into something intense and sacred if we just open our hearts to the possibilities. Such a time was recently gifted to me and as luck would have it, a camera was rolling!

I was visiting with some dear friends, one of whom is a sculptor and painter. The ambiance of their home is amazing, like visiting a gallery or museum. As I marveled at the wonderful artwork everywhere about, I also became aware of an amazing number of HUGE quartz crystals in the room. Feeling a warm glow swirling all about me (so strong I could feel it pulsate!), I sat down in the middle of the floor with my Juniper Flute, closed my eyes and began literally inhaling the energies, “charging the flute” with each breath.

The music that soon flowed through me spoke of Sunset time… The period of gathering darkness for all… A time of reliance on a greater light within… It sang a lullaby for sleepy winged spirits… Wistful, whispered promises of rejuvenation before a Dawn sure to come.

As I reviewed the videotape, I was again caught by the magic of the moment and added two additional keyboard tracks. Thus was born the video I share with you now!

SUNSET SONG (8meg file)

Click to view the entire video or

Right Click then choose Save Target As

to download the video to your local hard drive.

I warn you in advance that all the technical elements for a “good video” are missing here. The light was very dim; the camera was casually sat on a table unattended; the room was noisy and I didn’t even use a “good microphone”… But somehow the flaws don’t matter. This is a slice of time, a singular prayerful moment at sunset, crystallized and captured by the technology.

I hope you enjoy the video. It is an honor to share it with you!


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