The Two Foundlings…

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2 Foundlings I have two dear friends who had both been orphaned as foundlings, then adopted as infants by loving families. They were entrusted to wonderful homes with caring parents, yet the fruit of their upbringing was wildly different, based primarily upon their own perception of their original origins.

One of them was not burdened by his knowledge of once having been an orphan. He viewed himself as a child of the universe, and knew that he was there in the world because Creator wanted him to be. He knew, deep inside, that his birth parents were simply the instruments that the cosmos used to bring him here. Because of this uplifting perspective, he experienced every day with a heart full of joy and appreciation.

The other friend was not nearly so wise. He thought that, because his birth parents obviously didn’t want him, there must be something lacking in his own being. Nothing he did was ever good enough in his own eyes. Every day was a fruitless proving of himself to himself. He lied to others in order to make himself look larger than life because, in his own mind, he wasn’t good enough without embellishment.

These two friends are two sides of the same coin.  Very similar experiences brought forth very different results, depending on the viewpoint – and spirituality – of the individual. Perception can indeed become reality.


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Bearded Wolf

The meaning of Thanksgiving to me and my ancestors:
Anglos come to Turtle Island.
Anglos Starve.
Native People feed Anglos.
Anglos kill Native People.

January 12th, 2010 at 5:15 pm
apache spirit

I to know thatfelling of never deing good enough i was adoped to and i fell let even my adoped familey did not wount me just the money that could get from adoping me that never said i was there little girl but i was ther adoped girl .And even to day me at 46 years old i still know i get left out of familey things and it seames like ill never be good enough for them .So i tryed not to please them but to please god and my self ,but ill all ways have a empty hole in my life to know my birth parents becouse there in the winds .

March 18th, 2010 at 1:02 pm

I am that adopted child of God, Universal. CHOSEN by loving parents who I honored and loved as my earthly caregivers, I had no bindings to blood and was given wings to fly. Such a life, such a gift. I am old, my journey continues for a bit more, there is no ‘hole’ just more wonder and joy. Open your eyes and heart to that which is beyond imagination. We belong to Him, beyond dreaming there is LIFE.

September 7th, 2010 at 9:47 am

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