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From the heart of the Chickasaw Bluffs has come a spirit that is reaching red hearts and kindred spirits the world over. Voice of Golden Eagle creates a music that has been variously described as healing, energizing, and uplifting.

Until the demise of MP3.com in late 2003, Voice of Golden Eagle music steadily dominated their Native American charts for three years, reaching nearly a million listeners without benefit of other promotion or touring support.

VoGE’s musical roots spring from a family deeply involved with a love of music. His father was an accomplished jazz artist and arranger, performing with the likes of Gene Kruppa and jamming with Duke Ellington in after hours jazz clubs. VoGE’s own musical background includes over 25 years experience with virtually every genre of popular music as a writer, producer, performer and even manager of 315 Beale Recording Studios in Memphis, with clients that included ZZ Top and BB King. Music continues to run in the family. His 2 sons composed and performed a song on VoGE’s “Sage Upon The Wind” album. Listen to the music. Let it reach your heart.

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